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The DS Mirage loaded at Port of Cabo Rojo with bauxite ready to set sail for Florida.







Stock pile of bauxite staged for loading



View of Pedernales from ship loader.









Our primary office operations are based in Pedernales, close to the mine and Port of Cabo Rojo. Our mine manager lives in Pedernales and has been involved with mining and ship loading operations for over 30 years.


Mining, Transporting & Quality Control

In Pedernales, bauxite is located at the surface and is extracted using open pit mining techniques. The mining process uses large excavators, and also, selective mining techniques are employed to avoid the large stone pillars (believed to be pillars of underground caverns).

The bauxite is loaded into haul trucks at the mine. It takes an average of just 20 minutes for these trucks to then go to a storage stockpile area, which is only one kilometer from the port. Here the ore is carefully sampled and analyzed for consistent quality, prior to shipment.


Mining Photo Gallery


Loading at the Port of Cabo Rojo

The ship loading system was built specifically for bauxite and has loaded over 30 million tons. The final step is for our trucks to move the bauxite from the stockpile to the ship, and then dump it directly into upgraded hoppers, which automatically deposit the bauxite onto the loading conveyor. Then it quickly moves to the point where it falls off the conveyor directly into the ship. We will be using Handymax vessels to send our bauxite to the U.S., and we can load about 10,000 tons per day into a vessel.

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