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Mine Aerial View

View of Our Bauxite Mine


Another View of Our Bauxite Mine


About Us


Established in 2006, Sierra Bauxita Dominicana (SBD) owns contractual rights for the exploration, mining and exportation of metallurgical grade bauxite (and cement grade). The mine is located in the Pedernales region of the Dominican Republic. The managing partners have over a decade of experience working in the bauxite business in the Dominican Republic. A stable economy and a pro-industry government are two very positive elements that are helping to create a thriving bauxite exportation business in this 21st Century.   SBD is currently seeking long-term arrangements with select companies for the supply of metallurgical grade (and cement grade) bauxite. 






Brief History of our Bauxite Mine

From the 60's through the late 80's, bauxite was mined and exported from the Dominican Republic by Alcoa. During this time, the basic mine-related infrastructure was built and is still in use today. This includes: mine access, haul roads, a nice port and excellent loading facilities. Alcoa mined and exported over 30 million tons while they operated the mine. When Alcoa terminated operations, they donated the mine and facilities to the government. In 2007, SBD signed a 12 year agreement with the government to explore, mine and export bauxite.


Dominican Republic

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The SBD Mission

The goal of SBD is to begin sending vessels loaded with metallurgical grade bauxite to the U.S. We are focused on customer satisfaction and will always deliver a high quality product, on time, without compromising job safety or environmental objectives. We put the highest priority on maintaining long-term customer relations and believe our place in this market is to be “the best supplier of bauxite in the Caribbean.”